july 1-2, 2019

XIII Conference | córdoba, argentina

When we look across the globe, and we look at internet use, adoption and benefits... having a fact-based conversation will move the needle.
— Robert Pepper, VP of Global Connectivity and Technology Policy at Facebook, Keynote 2017

thirteen years of history

Communications Policy Research Latin America (CPR LATAM) began as a cross-disciplinary academic network of research centers which sought to advance knowledge on the social, economic and political impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Americas. 

Now as an annual international forum, CPR LATAM promotes the exchange of best practices and ideas around ICT policy in the region, examines specific cases of public-private partnerships for digital inclusion, and educates key stakeholders about the importance of investing in the modernization of ICT networks for sustainable development.

In 2018, more than 150 telecommunications experts from around the world gathered in Varadero, Cuba to discuss the impact of new technologies and ICT policies on socio-economic development in Latin America.



The CPR LATAM conference is organized within the framework of the Latin American Congress for Telecommunications (CLT), an annual event that fosters exchange between relevant industry stakeholders to promote ICT development in Latin America.

The CPR LATAM Conference is held annually. In previous years, the conference has been held in cities including Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Brasilia, Lima, Valparaíso, Oaxaca, Cancún, Cartagena and most recently, Varadero.



córdoba, argentina

The 2019 conference is organized by Centro Latam Digital and will bring together academics, civil society, and public and private sector leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean on July 1-2, as part of the annual CLT, to discuss the key issues facing the development of digital infrastructure and information ecosystems in the region.